Our “White Glove Service” is being utilized more often each year by principals and PTAs as their financial needs increase yet the numbers of volunteers decrease.   It is a service in which Best Results Fundraising takes on the responsibility usually assigned to the parent group.  Here is a basic breakdown of our White Glove Service:

1. Develop Parent/Prize flyer, collate students packets with all fundraising forms and brochures
2. Kick-off / start assembly for fundraiser
3. Provide “ads/announcements” to use for students or families
4. Pick up all student’s returned envelopes and orders
5. Processing student orders – verifying money collected matches order form totals
6. Investigating missing information on students order forms
7. Counting money
8. Providing a complete accounting and recording of each student’s order:
• money collected in the form of cash or checks,
• identify and flag incorrect order forms with any money owed due to shortages or refunds for overpayments
• Calling parents to rectify shortages and/or other issues
9. Create and supply a spreadsheet detailing the complete financial information of all student orders
10. Create separate spreadsheet which details every check & check number for the school (this can be used when making deposit)
11. Arrange delivery - receiving and staging product in school
12. Remaining on site until 6:00 P.M. (if needed) of delivery day. (this allows for working-parent to be able to pick up product)

White Glove Services